About Our Club

We are the Model United Nations Club of Sakıp Sabancı Anatolian High School that discusses global issues and current crises within the framework of logic and objectivity. By attending the conferences of different schools, we aim to get to know the Model United Nations community better, become familiar with world problems, develop ourselves and gain experience through various committees.

Besides attending the conferences which take place in other schools, we also endeavour to hold our own MUN conference, MUNSA, annually with the help of our school.

In addition, we don’t just sit around and wait for MUN conferences to be held for us to attend. We try to gather every week with the participants of our club and try to learn how MUN works more profoundly and in a more detailed way by also keeping the club alive.

Board of Directors of Our Club

Emir Emiroğlu President

Eren Baytöre
Vice President

Özgür Zaman
Board Member

Derin Başar Sözak Board Member

Habib Doğanay Dönmez Board Member

Arzu Uysal Baloğlu Club Advisor

Ayşe Şule Kılınç
Club Advisor